CFSM Spirituality

1. We are a Movement of Catholic families living out our Christianity in our daily secular lives.

2. We examine our lives' challenges and experiences with the Review of Life [ See, Judge and Act] Method, to arrive at a better understanding of what Christians in society must do to bring about a better world for our children and for all mankind.

3. Using our lives as the starting point, we have the Scriptures as our light, the Social Teachings of the Church as our guide to good, just and truthful living.

4. We learn to internalise our faith to become whole and total Christians and be discerning, participating and contributing members in all our life's roles as parents, as workers, as members of our families, Church , society and Nation.

5. We gather as family groups to pray, to share and reflect on our faith and life's experiences and on family and life's issues. We encourage family prayers in everyday language, articulating our thanks and gratitude to God for all His blessings, and placing our lives and social concerns in His care. As family groups, we share and learn from one another our life and faith experiences, so as to live our God's purpose in each of us, and to participate in the building of God's Kingdom.

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