Personal Testimonies

My name is Mayvia. I am a mum to 3 boys blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Journeying with all the parents at CFSM through zoom all these months gives me this inner joy.

We are one community and it is such a blessing. Donald and Magele made so much effort and time to be part of our parenting in Christ way.

I always look forward to the monthly Friday session.  I feel very encouraged and comforted inside as the sharing is centered on Christ’s love and His guidance to us as mother/father to our children.

The sharing is very open and with the holy spirit, our heart is open and we share freely of our inner thoughts on the different topics (house/home, prayers as a family, stay at home mum, money matters) as a community.

God loves us so much to bless us as His instrument to form this CFSM Community as One.

Amen. Blessed and Grateful.

Andy n Sheon

Andy n Sheon

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