The Faith Formation Session for 2022 was held on 12 November 2022 at CANA, St Mary's room, Waterloo Street, Singapore. The topic was on the theme, FORM THE PERSON, FORM THE BASE GROUP, BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD. There were talks, sharings, games and refreshments. 

In his introduction, Father Dominique said the Kingdom of God is among us as long as we see and believe His presence among us. We must welcome him and be His essence. We are his children, made in His image. God teaches us and reveals to us our identity as His children. Also we are in a community. We are to be in communion with God and one another. We must love God and one another living as one community.

Clarence explained that once we are baptised, we are anointed. Each of us has the three roles of being a priest, prophet and king. A priest who sacrifices his time for lay apostolate work, a mediator and a friend for others. We pray and intercede for others. As a prophet to go out and share the Word of God, asking God for the grace to communicate with gentleness and reverence. As a king, to lead people of different traits and gather the common interests of the people, as we journey together in faith. Clarence said that we must be aware of the four evil "Ds" ie Distraction, Deception, Discouragement and Division. We can overcome these four "Ds" like the Saints if we like the Saints have our God as the foundation in our lives.

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